Making Known
Making Known is a graphic design studio working alongside passionate individuals, artists, writers, publishers, and art institutions on book design, visual identities, websites, and more.

The studio, established by Ryan Gerald Nelson (Yale MFA, 2015), specializes in shaping and presenting engaging forms of content, knowledge, and expression. Making Known possesses a level of experience and discernment to take on content-rich projects requiring thorough design and art direction, typographic expertise, and print production.

Imagery: Peripheries, an ongoing project. Image-making becomes a form of language. A language whose grammar derives from a renewed examination of existing surfaces, materials, mediums. A language whose words only find meaning in direct proximity or sequence to other words. A language conveyed through images and surfaces, through intricate distinctions in form and tonality.

Image-making produced from the use of common, familiar materials. Materials rendered in a way which yields an unexpected result. Rendered in a way which yields something unforeseen. In a way which more readily elicits one’s curiosity (in the physicality or in the making of the image or surface). In a way which elicits one’s attention (to the image field, to the boundaries, to the surface). In a way which evokes the myriad possibilities of all that has or can occur within the image field.

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