Making Known
Making Known is a graphic design studio working in collaboration with passionate individuals, artists, writers, publishers, and art institutions on book design, visual identities, websites, and more.

The studio, established by Ryan Gerald Nelson (Yale MFA, 2015), specializes in a myriad of means of shaping and presenting engaging forms of content, knowledge, and expression. Making Known possesses a level of experience and discernment to take on content-rich projects requiring thorough design and art direction, typographic expertise, and print production.

Images on homepage: Peripheries, an ongoing project. The image existing in the periphery, seen as an overlooked remnant, the excess of cultural expression, the detritus of communication, a specimen of archaeological study. Now, fragmented and amputated from the margins, the image existing in the periphery is altered and further removed from its original context. Sourced from the easily jettisoned image content that circulates online and in print. Sourced from my own body of loosely collected visual output, periodically revisited and mined for its workable visual fragments. Extracted, resuscitated, understood as a new form of language, and presented here, at random, in unforeseen compositions.

Elsewhere: Samples of previous work at Making Known, Flat Files

Occasionally publishing at Edition MK

Phone: +1 612 867 2276
DM on Instagram: @makingknown